After a generation of silence that had become deaf to the voice of God a woman births a prophet. Samuel becomes the first boy to gain an understanding of how God speaks and he establishes the first school of the Prophets. "The Sons of Prophets" is the first recorded institution in scripture that trained a man to hear God's voice and faithfully speak it.

This is the era of God's voice. Hebrews 1 teaches us that God is speaking to man through his son Jesus and all we need is to develop an understanding of his voice, develop familiarity with his rhythm, pace, and tone. We desperately need men trained to hear the voice of God in our churches, our homes, and our businesses. Every church should be a prophetic church, every man should be prophetic and even our church members should be prophetic. Not all are in the office of the prophet but every man can operate in a prophetic gift.

This course will help you start from operating in the prophetic gift, all the way until you can effectively steer a prophetic organization. Get started now!

What will you learn?
Develop and send Apostolic teams
Become strengthened in building doctrine and Christian foundational issues
Understand church dynamics and build your own values for churches
Build a better basis of Apostolic Vision and Insight

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